We ensure that every Security Officer is fully vetted including developed source vetting. The Security Officers undergo rigorous training programmed to producing people with confidence and maturity.

Supervision and monitoring of the Security Officer’s performance is the area in which we put the most effort. In addition to welfare visits by supervisors and management, we employ many technological measures of performance and we harness them to a strong Code of Conduct. Depending on the code of conduct we treat, train, transfer or terminate but we never tolerate breaches of our code.

Our people are rewarded for good work and we firmly believe that excellent compensation rates form an integral part in the factors needed to motivate personnel in the Security Industry. Our team members are paid a wage superior to others in the geographical area of operation as this leads to improved motivation and consequently increase the level of security offered. Consequently, we will never knowingly under pay our people.

We also pay special attention to the other factors which motivate our people: for example, the uniform and his pride in wearing it, the attention and recognition of management, the on-going training, the quality of his equipment, variation in work routine, how problems are resolved, the length of leave and his rest periods.










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                At Blue Rock Security we pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability and dedication. We are committed to delivering service excellence, a philosophy that runs through our organization from our Chairman to all of our security officers.  
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